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Headcanon that through her friendship with Christine, Meg becomes like a kid sister to Raoul. He gets very protective of her and is wary of any suitors who might show an ungentlemanly interest in the young ballet girl.

Can’t you see him getting all huffy at Masquerade or something as some drunk…

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if the broadway and theatre community dislikes bootlegs so much and don’t want people filming their shows they need to work on making theatre a more accessible form of media by filming shows professionally because you know they talk a lot about being a very open welcoming community but don’t do anything to make that community welcoming to people who can’t afford to see shows or people who live in rural areas and are literally unable to attend shows at all

#they should professionally film the closing night performance of every show and distribute it #i mean how great of an idea is that christianborle, I agree wholeheartedly with your tags

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